About Me

Short Version

I am a sculptor, musician, dancer and philosopher seeking to make a positive impact in the world resulting in greater compassion and sustainability.

Long Version

I am a spiritually aware man. I use both sides of my brain to earnestly parse and understand the knowledge and experience that comes into my life. I seek to understand, retain, make connections and live a life on purpose while still allowing the winds of the wiser guide me. I live a life with intention but without expectation. I take obstacles in my life as potent teachers and lessons. I find the deepest truth primarily within Nature, secondarily within myself and lastly in others. I trust myself. I am passionate and seek to defend that which cannot speak the human language. I value compassionate sharpness. I value balance. A balance of work and play. Of productivity and maintenance. Of past, present and future. Of taking action yet having passive reception. I seek to maintain coherence and clarity within my thinking. I deeply enjoy the company of other people and socialize every day. Indeed everyone who comes into my life blesses me with their own experience and wisdom. I leave inspired from every interaction I have with people. I am an extrovert yet it is only when I am alone that I can really tap into the deepest parts of my consciousness and into the realm of the collective unconscious. It is when I am alone that I can most clearly channel the language of Nature. Speaking of Nature, I view Nature as not mother Nature but as partner Nature. She is my lover and I am supremely content in my relationship with the Earth. My very existence is sensual. I seek to express my creative energy through every possible channel. I create improvisational music, I dance ecstatically, I write stream of consciousness, I create art from presence. I have high energy of which few can match. Endurance to go further and further. I am honest; sometimes to a fault. I believe anyone has the capability of knowing everything about me, so I hide nothing. I believe that compassionate Love is the best way to describe the indescribable essence of the universe. I believe that creativity is the greatest attribute of humanity. I value health and integrity. I try to think before I act but when I do act it is with passion and presence. I tend to lean towards projection and action as opposed to passivity. I assume that no one else will do anything, and I take the responsibility to take action. When I take action, I don’t mind anonymity.

I believe that every language we have whether English, Math, Art or Music are very important yet woefully inept at explaining what can only be experienced. As I always say “You can read a whole book about eating a juicy peach on a hot summer day yet you will only understand when you experience it”. I can build and fix almost anything. I value resiliency, self-sufficiency and knowing how to do things yourself. I think that a good life is defined through purpose, balance, health and positive effect. That my presence in the world and among people emanates waves of positivity such that people are left with love and inspiration and the Earth is left with sustainability and integrity. Like a drop of water in a silent pond … there are ripples. I value being inoculated against manipulation whether from peer pressure or larger organizations. I have programmed myself at a deep level to maintain centered authenticity and self-trust. I am able to draw wisdom from rocks, plants, animals, mycelium, wind … really anything. There is a lot to attune. I value language and clear communication. Open, real and deep communication. I know that lack of communication is the root of all problems in relationship.

I am a man of action and nothing can make me otherwise.

© Joseph Rastovich