I am a sculptor, musician, dancer and philosopher seeking to make a positive impact in the world resulting in greater compassion.

I am hard-working artist. I’ve spent my life creating large-scale sculptures and living in the contemporary art world. I believe the purpose in life is to express ourselves creatively. I create steel and wood sculptures, contemporary paintings, nature based poetry, improvisational music, ecstatic dance and shared experience.

Radical Transparency is the key to harmonious relationships of all forms. I appreciate people who can handle challenging topics. I seek depth in relationships. I am nourished by meaningful conversations and hearing about other people’s stories because everyone is my teacher. I enjoy conversations on philosophy, romance, spirituality, creativity, health, nature, eco-centrism, psychology, quantum mechanics and the fine things in life.

Health is Wealth. I am a health nut (but I also indulge in naughty things too). For the most part I eat whole, colorful and non-GMO organic foods. I invest in quality food as a form of health insurance. I’m not into alcohol, but I do like Amaro – Italian Herbal Digestifs – which has roots in holistic medicine. I’m constantly broadening my understanding of natural health modalities. Herbalism, vitamins, mushrooms, hydrotherapy, fasting, homeopathy, energy healing, sound healing, moxibustion, visualization and other protocols. There is no doubt that western medicine is valuable, but it too often discounts the bountiful value of eastern, traditional and natural medicine.

I question corporate narratives based on censorship, ostracism and fear.

Nature is my temple and source of insight. I strive to speak for the voiceless and defend our wild-lands from “development”. I volunteer with environmental organizations and lead young people out in nature school. I sway as the trees, think as the clouds, flow as the water and whisper as the wind. Some would call me a Pantheist – an atheistic spirituality where all things are divine. My favorite books are the Tao Te Ching and Walden’s Pond. I have reverence for all living things … and non-living things like the air, water, soil, stones and beauty. I look for the meaning in life and listen to my intuitions. My life is influenced by synchronicity and premonitions. There is no other word to describe existence other than “magic”. Everything is interconnected. I am grateful for this short bit of time we have.

I’m an extrovert who dances in the middle of the floor and assumes leadership. Yet I deeply value solitude. Meditation, mindfulness and reading are part of my daily routine. I live a very active lifestyle. I enjoy hiking, foraging wild plants, backpacking, road-trips and building things.

I look for polarity and where they meet. Where past meets future is now. Where birth meets death is life. Where masculine meets feminine is conception.

Similarly I am man of ironic dichotomies:

-I swear like a sailor but am reverent.
-I wear logging boots yet hug trees.
-I value tenacity and gentleness.
-I love overwhelming waves of experience with sensitivity to the softest touch.
-I make music only to amplify the potency of silence.
-I write words which impactful yet meaningless at the same time.

In many ways I am old-fashioned but with a modern perspective. I have dreams of self-sufficiency, homesteading and starting a family. I’m very drawn to permaculture principles (using patterns in nature for our use in living). I’ve been a project manager in a construction company and have done everything that can be done in building a house. I also like to work on cars. I have the tools and skills to confidently build and repair most things. I very much want to have children within the next ten years, but I am cautious with whom I will start that journey. I believe children are the future and I want to raise the next generation with mindfulness. This includes unschooling, natural health, respect, gentleness and sovereignty.

I approach sensuality the same way I approach food. Organic, colorful, healthful… and sometimes naughty. Slow food is always more nourishing than fast food. I approach it from the perspective of tantra, taoism, sensate focus and fertility awareness method.

Other random things: Meyer Briggs = ENTP Numerology = 11 Sun/Rising/Moon = Sagittarius, Sagittarius, Cancer

Here is a poem for you:
Show me your depth and I’ll show you mine. Give me your depth and I’ll give you mine. I want to know what makes you different. I want to touch the texture of your consciousness. I want to bask in the afterglow of profundity. Reciprocal conversation. Curiosity exploration. Tell me what you’ve learned. Let me feel your experience. Observe the fertility of silence. Are your vessels empty enough to receive. I want to witness your extremes. Peaks and valleys. Fluid like water and hot like fire. Follow me into the trees to play. Lay with me on the leaves to pray to ourselves, each other, our ancestors, and all beings. In the sacred temple of nature. Aren’t green and blue beautiful? Can you see faces in ancient rocks? Open your eyes and let our inner children peer at each other through the windows. Intention without expectation. Tell me your story and I’ll listen. Show me your beauty which you too often hide. There will be some things I will never understand but I can experience as I watch the sun set or caress the delicate dripping spring. What is center? Core? Essential? Let the veil be thin between this and that. Let me hold your electric hand. Let my spine shiver.

© Joseph Rastovich