First Day Of Silence

I have become increasingly weary of normal channels of communication. I’ve lost patience for email, text and messages. Now I’ve lost patience for verbal. I deactivated facebook yesterday. Now I sit at a waterfall with rainbows and blue butterflies while wearing a tag saying “I am silent today”.

I can’t help but wonder if people who cannot speak have a deep wisdom and familiarity with other forms of communication. Likewise for blind people.

I am told my eye sight is bad. But perhaps I can observe things without glasses that other people can’t.


I have no tolerance for masks, inauthenticity, and virtual “reality”.

I care about what I can experience first hand.

I am generally sharp. I derive identity from my sharpness – particularly intellectually.

As with everything in life – it is a paradox.

My sharpness is my power and weakness.

Everything comes into our life as a lesson / teacher. Especially the challenges.

My non-sharp natural eyesight without glasses is here to teach me something.

It symbolizes existence without sharpness and laser focus. Encouraging to be instead of do. It is about gentleness. It is about observation of a different kind. It is about paying attention to that which is nearest. Let distant concerns and people and situations fade away. Softness.

On my path, I spot a bat which was catching insects adeptly. I stopped to watch this magical bat for a few minutes and now here I am sitting on the trail writing.

What is the symbolism of a bat? Night creatures. They are also about lightness, lack of density, levity.

But perhaps most importantly they observe their reality and environment unlike other creatures … through echo location. Where they “hear” the echo bouncing off objects. Just because they do not “see” well doesn’t mean cannot observe adeptly. Likewise for my own eyes, I can still observe things in a way most others cannot. Likewise I am unusual and often misunderstood sometimes even feared. Bats are particularly underground unmanifested magic. A confirmation of the power of silence.

They seem silent but speak on a different frequency.

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