“Originators” and “Repeaters”


There are two kinds of spiritual people in the world…

What I call “Repeaters” and “Originators”.

Both of these people have inspiration and influence from the teachers and wise-ones of past/future; but the Repeaters regurgitate information whereas the Originators digest wisdom.

Most “spiritual people” you meet are Repeaters. The definition is simple, they repeat wisdom they have heard without fully digesting it and making it their own. This can be seen most obviously when they post non-original social-media memes. This is often also seen with repeated, persistent and myopic focus on one master / teacher / guru / path / religion / philosophy / group. Another sign of repeaters is the use of buzz-words specific to their narrow focus in one group. These are words only people “in the know” are familiar with; they are essentially calling cards to other people of similar philosophy. Repeaters recite verbatim what they were taught. Repeaters trust everything their identified group says as truth, in other words are dogmatic … though they all would deny this claim.

The more rare and deep spiritual person is what I call Originators. These people also refer to teachers or philosophies but pursue the wisdom of diverse paths. Not one path such as Buddhism, Christianity, Paganism, Atheism, Islam, or Contemporary Ways … but respect all paths. The Originator knows there are many paths which lead to the same source of truth. Some paths are more direct whereas others meander more. Some more opaque and some more transparent.

While the Originators consume diverse spiritual teachings like some Repeaters, the Originators fully digest the wisdom. Originators are not taught, they are reminded of what they already know.

Originators ask themselves what their wisdom and intuition is before consulting another person, book or philosophy.

Repeaters are important because they amplify certain important teachings. But Originators are more potent because they deeply embody the truth. This creates a stronger amplitude in the waves of positive influence towards consciousness evolution. Their understanding and embodiment transcends verbiage and text.

A synonym for Originators is Leader; and for Repeaters is Follower. However the word “leader” suggests having people follow you. This is not necessarily the case, a true leader can be completely isolated and still be a leader.

As always, metaphor is the often the best way to point towards the deepest truths…

Originators pull from their own deep well of wisdom, not from others’ wells. Originators were reminded by themselves and from teachers how to dig their own well. Repeaters drink from the teacher’s well, but have not learned to dig their own.

If it weren’t for the originators, people would be mightily thirsty.

To put it more simply. Water is the wisdom. Originators are the well. Repeaters are the bucket.

In another analogy…

Originators have roots that grow deep. They can weather the storms of external influence; droughts, disease and wind. Repeaters have shallow roots, where they can easily be toppled.

I believe anyone and everyone can become an Originator. In order to do so, they must limit their external influence and look within for answers. To be alone in nature and enter a state of presence. To feel themselves and dissolve into nothing and everything. To live between pre-determinism and freewill in a state of flow. True understanding comes from personal experience of these universal realities.