Lesson Of Gentleness

During my covid sickness, I had a lot of tears. Not of sadness but of the wonder and beauty of life. Especially for gentleness and sweetness that people give each other. Tears for the poems written and the songs sung. Tears for the gentle caress of a baby’s head. Tears for artists who paint colorful canvases. For those who dance. Tears for those too frail to dance. Tears for those who care for others. Tears for music played by people who once young are now long gone. Tears for the sun on weatherworn barn wood and the swallows who live nearby. Tears of love for the gentle meandering streams and deer and trees. For every petrogplygh etched on stone. The preciousness of life which speeds by so fast. How just outside my window is magic that I too often ignore.

I identify with my intellect and my ability to “do” things. I deeply fear loosing these things. Yet there is something that we can never loose, something timeless. Something more valuable than all other possessions. It is loving gentleness.

To listen to another person. To truly behold another person. To touch with grounding hands. To give without ever expecting anything in return. To feel the joy in another person as your own joy.

To accept another person for as they are without trying to change them. To lay down all aggression, all persuasion, all sharpness.

To be centered in love in all interactions. What does this mean?

Can you feel love in your heart? Love in your body? To understand that we have within ourselves an inner child – around 6 year old – each with our own fears and pains.

Lift up those around you above you but without denigrating yourself. Always choose the path that gives power, sovereignty and autonomy to the people.

What is the path for greatest harmony? Choose that path.

Take time to be gentle with yourself. Be kind. Sit in a meadow. Make yourself tea. Write a letter. Dance, or hum, or roll around. Go watch the mountains touch the clouds. Watch what happens when the sun sets upon a juniper tree. The beauty of all things around us can be seen with fresh eyes. Taste, smell, feel and touch the world around us.

When was the last time you watched ants make their journey? Or looked for four leaf clovers? When was the last time you skipped along your path? Or climbed a tree? I don’t want to forget these things.

How precious life is. Everything is how it has to be right now. Every day we can hold love in our heart a little more. What do you love? Who do you love? There doesn’t need to be a reason why.

The truth is always simple yet so often we think it can’t be that simple.


Love is the solution.

Being centered in Love is the definition of a fulfilled life.

You never know when someone is having a hard time. We keep ourselves so strong on the outside. We don’t want to belabor others. And for this reason, give compassionate kindness to all who cross your path … you may never know how important it may be to them.

When my strength is taken away,

All I can give is gentleness.

When my sharpness becomes clouded,

All I can do is accept.

When my logic quiets,

All I can do is Love.