Echoes of other nows.

Etheric dreams of wonder.

Sentimental pleasantries.

Angular and fuzzy traumas.

Memories as being whispering on your shoulders.

Experience, wisdom and jadedness.

Can you remember a time when you didn’t have memories?

Learning, evolving, growing.

What did I do yesterday?

How a memory is actually a memory of a memory.

Stuck in the past for some

unable to let go to live now.

A thought can have more importance than reality.

Memories don’t exist. Or do they?

Memories of the future,

Premonitions and intuition.

Fears, wonders and yearning.

Memories of your first love.

The smell of fall.

Of teachers and friends of a different era.

Of different lands.

Of music and food and dance.

Of co-creation.





Our Nature.

Spiral / Inward

Spirals outward. They say the universe is exponentually expanding to the point of reverse.

Spirals inward. Supernovas and black holes. The edge of matter, time, logic, shape, form. Precipice of pure tone, static, buzzing,

Like the stem cell of undifferentiated existence.

Like how a just born witnesses the world for the first time without walls, words or gestalts.

The in breath is as important as out breath. Feminine as masculine. Night as day. Death as birth. There is no right of wrong way. There is only the way chosen in relationship with circumstance and all the little things which led us here now.

The here and now is what I know to be the only truth. Presence is the way.