Spontaneous Sigil I Painted On Ground

From top to bottom.

Antenna of reception and transmission activated. Pure signal in all directions. The radio station of Joseph is now unimpeded. Radiation as the sun. And all that the sun manifests. Radiation of being. Radiation of creativity. Radiation of living divine purpose. Spiral of life and time. Non linear. Jumping paths. Jumping timelines. Gestalts of manifestation. Translation. A seed sprouting. A flower blooming. Power. Energy.

Horizon line of above and below. Inside and outside. The membrane separating past and future. Polarities and where they meet.

Ripples of effect outward. Waves of influence and impact and inspiration. Groundedness. Electrical groundedness. Grounded to source. Roots and seeds. Depth. Time for manifestation. Balance. Seeds. Deeper. Spiral of deep soul. Cocoon. Warmth. Darkness. Simplicity. Deeper than sub-conscious. Pointing yet deeper. Heart beyond heart. Existence beyond existence. Expansion. Hum and crackle of energy. Humming vibrations like in a power line. Humming vibration of blood coursing through veins. Of rivers coursing through channels. Of roots growing deeper.

Completeness. Pointing toward the next

Organizing and Spirituality

We don’t normally think of personal organization being a key to spirituality. Indeed what comes to mind is ephemeral but enlightened people sitting on a rock wearing white robes meditating.

But white robes always get dirty once you start working.

Also it’s easy to be spiritual when you have renounced the life of our modern society. It’s easy if you are a monk. It’s easy if you live in a beautiful peaceful place. It’s easy if

But try being compassionate, patient and self-aware while dealing with traffic, delays, challenging people, a mountain of tasks and the other features of our modern society.

Those who maintain grounded center during that are the true spiritual masters.

Rather I believe in the adage “You start your spiritual journey chopping wood and carrying water; you end your journey chopping wood and carrying water”. Living a practical effective life is part of being spiritual. But by not having a system to offload our brains, then our overwhelmed consciousness no longer have capacity for creativity, relaxation and flow.

These systems involve writing stream of consciousness, maintaining sensible lists / schedules / projects, and having your stuff in the appropriate place.

I believe the essence of feng shui (spirituality of space) is simply reducing clutter and putting the things in the right places and containers. This allows energy to flow and consciousness to breath.