Source of Power

Source of power.

Intellect came after emotion.

Emotion came after Love.

Calories from animal, from plants, from sun rays, from atomic splitting of plasma elements.

Power at the speed of light. Borrowed power from the oily lubrication of tecktonic plates.

Water vortexing in spirals creates dancing field of raindrops upon an infinite waterfall. Splitting and melding. Rippling. Electric ephemerality. Black to white. Prisms into rainbows and back to white.

The dynamo of sunset and sunrise of equinoxes of morning anticipation and night reflection.

Vibrating strings of resonance. The metronome is ticking. The clockspring is wound.

One creates an opposite

Creates a space between

Creates everything.

What feeds the spring?

Is it the headwaters?

Or the rain? Or the clouds and fog? Or the ocean? Or the stream? Or the trickles? Or the springs?

Infinite cycles instantaneous.

Self creation, knowing.

Tick tock. Drip drop.


Salt once more valuable than gold.

Now limited for blood pressure.

Salt for savory.

And for sweet.

I’d say he’s worth his salt.

Lewis and Clark boiling ocean for salt to preserve fish.

Salt for hydration.

Salt for dehydration.

To clean cast iron.

Molten salt.

Electric salt.

Metal salt.

Cell salts from the ash of burned bodies.

Alkaline salts of the burned lemon.

Precipitation and distillation

all that’s left is salt.

The relationship with water.

At one but water transcends

and evaporates leaving it’s partner.

The two combine to increase conductivity.

But the water shall return

just as it does in the seasonal floods of dried salt beds of desert.

Sweat with it’s salt.

Conductive of electricity.

Give me the heat so we can sweat as rain drips down the windows.

Perhaps the rain is the sweat of god?