A bee buzzes to pollinate fragrant flowers.

The raven, crows and magic play and tease in their shadowy ways.

The sheep dog of black and white focuses attentively on flocks.

The geese eat their final nibbles of grass before their long migration.

The cougar slinks quietly with poise and confidence.

The skunk is bold but easily offended.

The bumbling beetle keeps going about it’s diligence.

The ants toil selflessly to create a super organism of the intelligent colony.

The emergence of birds creating clouds of one.

I stand on the rock cliff listening to redwing blackbirds among the cattails and the setting sun.

The difference between the domestic and wild.

I choose the wild.

The animals know what we have forgotten.

I look into the wolfs eyes to see the womb of center Earth and expansive space to the edge of all things and no things where it becomes the other realm.

Buffalo and ox and yak with strength and resolve.

The snake slithers in flow like the river

grounded constantly as it sheds former skins.

The beaver of industry and family. The otter and muskrat who splish and splash for fun.

I’ve seen a crow watch sunsets in reverence.

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