A single drop drips from a cosmic fern into a still lake creating reverberating ripples in all directions once back to collective waters.

A single word can change the world. How random acts of kindness begets more.

Karma. Seven degrees of separation from everyone else.

The world is smaller than we can imagine yet time vast and none.

100th monkey.

Spontaneous insight. Synchronicities.

Progeny fo on to speak for us after we enter the collective lake.

Artwork with artist forgotten.

Books entering the memory.

A message scribbled on a wall not even registering consciousness,

but registering.

Compliments of empowerment.

Criticizing is minimizing.

We choose every moment.

Imagine if this was the last time. The last day for them. The last day for you.

Dance instead of walk.

Sing instead of talk.

Open your hands and your eyes.

A life of authentic expression with compassion and integrity.

Buddha says suffering is inevitable.

But simplicity, compassion and patience is the way.

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