Tao Of Existence

Treat everyone as equals including the crazed, manipulative or sociopathic.

Just avoid those who cause trouble politely.

An action towards one is an action towards all.

Supreme freedom and sovereignty.

Compassion for the child and butterfly as the curmudgeon and caterpillar.

Integrity. Authenticity. Truth.

More is spoken in silence.

Be soft.

Take time.

Slow down.

Be present.

Open the heart.

Let water be a rolemodel.

Befriend your own heart.

Take time for yourself.

Patience is among the greatest attributes.

Love is the giver of life.

Truth equality above all.

All is how it should be.

Have levity. Laugh at life’s seriousness.

Let go of sorrow and live with joy. Not of ignorance, but of self-awareness and responsibility.

Allow yourself to be broken, so you can be recreated. Reborn.

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