Ordinary and Intoxicating

A straight line, path, stream.

A calm lake.

An averaged amalgamated face.

A grade of C.

Fifty percent.




The overlooked.

The wall-flower.

The hidden.

The subdued.


The weed growing in the crack of concrete.

But give the ordinary attention, love, respect, curiosity and time.

Sit with the ordinary.

Hold the ordinary.

Look deeply at the ordinary.

And subtly the secrets are revealed.

Unburdened by bright colors, loud sounds, spicy taste and over-stimulation.

Slowly yet suddenly.

Hidden beauty, magic and profundity shyly reveals itself.

The ordinary hide their secrets.

Just as the quiet person knows the depth and mystery of silence.

Give me the demure and overlooked. The little white flower, the trickle of a stream, the little brown mushroom.

The gentle and profound.

Intoxicated by subtle magic.

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