Translation begins with reception.

Clarity is influenced by conductivity.

A baby is more conductive than a grown up.

To assume closes one’s eyes and ears.

To label is to assume.

Words are our first labels.

As soon as I think tree,

I no longer see the tree.

How to translate without labels?

Words are but one language.

As is dance.

And drawing.

And touch.

And music.

But what about that which can only be experienced and never explained?

Ephemeral essence.

As if a dream forgotten,

But embedded beyond.

And yet language is our super power.

A single word can change the world.

Can elicit memories and dears and joys and arousal and healing and recollection of smells, tastes, sounds and textures.

Words are spells.

Affecting crystallization, manifested existence, outcomes, perceptions.

Those who know words can influence existence.

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