Sensing From Other

The snap, crackle and pops of a young one formed slowly by sudden upheavals of tectonic plates.

It’s cold being stone. Hard rocks exposed want the cover of lichen and moss.

Slowly a relationship forms as the single celled organisms embraces the stoic faces.

Time continues as clouds become a blur and every season is as if a heartbeat.

The warm soft cover builds with each whirling Earth rotation swinging around the Sun.

The birds flying above are friends.

Sometimes I wish I could fly.

But then how would my friends ever land?

Oh the trees. They tickle me as they dance with the breath and whispers of wind.

I love the hibernating bear within me during winter.

I feel as if hugging.

And the huckleberries are sweet nourishment while purple lupine and fragrant cedar give medicine.

Releasing through streams

And catharsis through landslides sloughing.

Fires and avalanches remind of my origin.

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