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The power of symbolism. It is indeed powerful stuff and gives purpose to my being an artist. Indeed, symbols go directly to the sub-conscious and they are instantaneous. In manifestation work, sigils are preferable to word phrases because of this instantaneous and sub-conscious effect.

It also reminds me of gestalt psychology. Basically when we see something like a tree, we know it instantaneously, we do not need to parse that it is green, with bark and branches and leaves, and is growing upright and THEN figure that it is a tree. We know it instantly. When we see another human being, we don’t need to think “there is the right width to height tolerance, there is an oblong orb with eyes, nose, ears, lips, hair (or maybe no hair), there are some legs and arms….I think that is a human right there because of all this informational data”. NO!!! We know instantly and this is powerful because it has to do with our subconscious.

Back on the sigils thing. Debatably, symbols/sigils have no power until you program them into yourself. When you draw your own sigil, you put intention, emotion and thought behind it. Everytime you engage with it, you repeat this. Soon when you look at it or visualize it, it manifests these feeling naturally.

Another example … the swastika symbol used to be a magical symbol of Native Americans but is now the symbol of Nazis. This illustrates how our conditional programming can change the meaning.

As a a side tangent, one can also say there is a collective unconscious element to symbolism. Where there is an innate understanding of symbols that transcend this lifetime’s programming. A baby seeking a nipple for nourishment is an example of this inherent knowing. Many animals have a natural knowing for what plants to eat without being trained. There is often an instinctual element to symbolism.

Thus our understanding of symbolism is a combination of consciousness, sub-consciousness, and the collective unconscious.

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