Favorite Part Of Quantum Mechanics?

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Quantum entanglement, the double slit experiment, dark energy, dark matter, string theory and nothingness.

In quantum entanglement, when you split a particle and shoot the two halves in opposite directions and affect one like change the spin or direction the other distant part also changes instantly beyond the speed of light.

Implication: I believe this can explain how we can have synchronous experience with people we love and are connected to.

The double slit experiment is where you shoot a particles one at a time through one of two slits. When observed, it acts as particle form and goes through either one slit or the other. When not-observed, it acts as a wave form of infinite potential and goes through both slits at the same time.

Implication: This shows how our observation and mind can have a tangible instantaneous effect on our physical reality.

Dark energy and dark matter are confounding things that we know exist but cannot directly interact with. This shows how limited science is and that there are many questions yet unanswered. Like, we know something exists but we do not know what it is.

Implication: I think this is like subtle energy. Just because we cannot measure it with an instrument does not mean it doesn’t exist. It just means we do not have the right tools yet.

String theory is the concept of when you zoom into an atom you get quarks and when you zoom into quarks you get vibrating strings of energy.

Implication: This shows that everything is simply energy. This also suggests how vibration can be healing and have real effects on our reality.

Nothingness is the fact that when you zoom into the sub-atomic world, actual particles are minuscule and separated by “nothingness” space. Our solid reality and our own bodies are practically nothing but empty space.

Implication: This shows how our consciousness is more “real” than the physical dimension.

Vitamin C and Earthing. Are They Connected?

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I recently read the book “Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins” by Thomas Levy and learned about the electron theory of health. Basically disease and inflammation is a result of a lack of electrons. Oxidation and inflammation consume electrons. Anti-oxidants give electrons. Most other animals produce their own vitamin C naturally, but humans do not so we are particularly susceptible to deficiency. While there are many different anti-oxidants out there, vitamin C is particularly good because it goes throughout the entire body whereas other anti-oxidants tend to focus on specific systems. We can only absorb 8-12 grams of vitamin C a day. But it has been shown that intravenous vitamin C injections has healed people from the brink of death. It has been shown to cure polio, ebola, heavy metal poisoning, mushroom poisoning, snake bites, etc. It is truly a miracle substance at high doses (50 gram infusions). However it is hard to find this, so they now have liposomal vitamin C which allows us to absorb ultra-high doses orally. It’s very expensive though.

So then I listened to a book about Earthing called “Earthing. The Most Important Health Discover Ever?” by Clint Ober and he talked about how having contact with Earth allows us to absorb free electrons. I made the mental connection that Earthing is similar to having a transfusion of vitamin C.

Unlike vitamin C, Earthing is free. Both are good for overall health.

About Symbolism

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The power of symbolism. It is indeed powerful stuff and gives purpose to my being an artist. Indeed, symbols go directly to the sub-conscious and they are instantaneous. In manifestation work, sigils are preferable to word phrases because of this instantaneous and sub-conscious effect.

It also reminds me of gestalt psychology. Basically when we see something like a tree, we know it instantaneously, we do not need to parse that it is green, with bark and branches and leaves, and is growing upright and THEN figure that it is a tree. We know it instantly. When we see another human being, we don’t need to think “there is the right width to height tolerance, there is an oblong orb with eyes, nose, ears, lips, hair (or maybe no hair), there are some legs and arms….I think that is a human right there because of all this informational data”. NO!!! We know instantly and this is powerful because it has to do with our subconscious.

Back on the sigils thing. Debatably, symbols/sigils have no power until you program them into yourself. When you draw your own sigil, you put intention, emotion and thought behind it. Everytime you engage with it, you repeat this. Soon when you look at it or visualize it, it manifests these feeling naturally.

Another example … the swastika symbol used to be a magical symbol of Native Americans but is now the symbol of Nazis. This illustrates how our conditional programming can change the meaning.

As a a side tangent, one can also say there is a collective unconscious element to symbolism. Where there is an innate understanding of symbols that transcend this lifetime’s programming. A baby seeking a nipple for nourishment is an example of this inherent knowing. Many animals have a natural knowing for what plants to eat without being trained. There is often an instinctual element to symbolism.

Thus our understanding of symbolism is a combination of consciousness, sub-consciousness, and the collective unconscious.

Pondering Of Consciousness

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A person I know recently lost a loved one, and it caused me to ponder the meaning of life and definition of consciousness. While I am certainly not qualified to describe any of it with authority, I want to provide a few humble thoughts.

If we look at quantum physics, we see within every atom are quarks and within every quark are vibrating strings of energy. At this level, everything is the same. Everything is one. Perhaps this explains the phenomenon of quantum entanglement where when we separate something the parts remain mysteriously connected; what happens to one affects the other instantaneously. We also see that two lovers or a parent and child separated by walls and distance remain connected. When they create a physiological reaction in one person by showing images, the other person reflects the physical reaction even when they are not seeing any images or their partner.

In essence, there is something that connects us all together; perhaps this is what some people call “God”. There is a realm that exists of which we cannot see or touch.

I am reminded of a wonderful metaphor for life…..
We start from a river. Our life as we know it, begins when we pass over a waterfall and see ourselves as separate little drops of water floating down until we reach the end of the waterfall and once again join the mighty river.

The Sublimity Of Poetry

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But now I see it is the closest the human language can come to the language of nature and emotion.

Poetry is like an abstract painting of which you project your own subjective experience.

Good poetry causes a resonant familiarity and subtle knowing interwoven with the blood of emotion.

Despite the seeming chaos of abstract painting, ecstatic dance, and abstruse poetry; there is still an art to creating aesthetic composition.

Waves Of Positivity By Expressing The Beauty We See

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I believe in giving people authentic genuine compliments/validation. I believe in listening to people and encouraging people to talk about emotions. I am a very curious person and love to hear people’s stories.

Over the years, I have found that compliments I have personally received have been like fuel to a fire of motivation and personal expansion. I want to give others that fuel. I want to inspire others to be confident, to be happy, to be passionate, to be uplifted, to be optimistic, to live life to it’s fullest. I try to see the best in everyone and I want to mirror back the positives. As happiness increases, waves of positivity spread.

I think about funerals and how people from far and wide come together and say all the reasons they loved that person. Incidentally, I think it is a shame that the passed person could not hear their praise. That they could not hear the positive thoughts other’s had internally but never expressed.

One of the things that gives me great joy is when people can raise their confidence, their self-respect, their aspirations, their optimism. For people be true to themselves.

Of course there are many false compliments (aka flattery) that veil ulterior motives and that is unfortunate. But I believe sincere and authentic compliments can be distinguished with awareness.

I only give compliments with honesty, authenticity, and integrity.

Here is a great video I found many years ago that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face…


Quantum Mechanics

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What are some of the cool things I think about regarding quantum mechanics? Two things come to mind…

#1 Quantum entanglement – when something has interacted with another and those two things are separated seemingly physically they are still quantumly connected. The quantum example of this is when they split an atom and made one part go in one direction and the other part go the opposite direction in a tunnel. When these two particles are kilometers apart, they changed the spin of one and the other simultaneously changed spin even though they were no longer connected. The physical implications is the proof that we can feel what other people are thinking and feeling at a distance…especially loved ones.

#2 The Double Slit Experiment – simply put…without human observation all potentials exist. But as soon as a human observes or thinks something than a single potential results. Without observation, things exist as waves. With observation, things exist as solid particles. The implications of this means that the human consciousness has a tangled effect on our reality.