External Entities Are Actually Projections Of Our Deeper Selves


For the spiritually inclined, there are many terms we use to describe external etheric entities. They include:

-Spirit guides

Sometimes these “entities” express themselves through words, visuals or feelings. But also through things like talking boards or pendulums.

I am not going to deny the existence of any of these things, but I believe that most of the time what many perceive to be some “externalized entity” is actually a projection of their own deeper and wiser selves — or in the case of demons … a projection of a troubled self.

Speaking of supposed “demons” that some people have, these externalized projections of that which is within ourselves is a helpful opportunity to observe what might normally be hidden and to finally deal with it. It is often easier for us to deal with something externalized than when it is all internalized. This is why I recommend writing as a way to take what is bouncing around in our minds and externalizing it on paper so we can have a broader and non-attached perspective of the situations in our life.

I have heard stories of children being taught to use visualization techniques where they visualize an intelligent spirit guide like an etheric version of Albert Einstein helping them on tests. And sure enough the students who used these “spirit guides” to help them on the test did significantly better than the students who didn’t use such visualization techniques. When asked why they did so well on the test, some responded “It wasn’t me, it was the smart person in my head”. This reveals a problem that many of us have … we don’t trust ourselves but we trust others. Indeed we are our worse critic where we psychologically whip and belittle ourselves for not being perfect. When coming from this egoic mindset, how could we trust that our deeper consciousness contains the deeper wisdom of knowing?

This is why we sometimes project a mental hologram of an externalized being who is supposedly wiser than ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with using externalized projections to gain wisdom; such visualization techniques are useful to bypass the normal paradigms of the logical brain in order to access our deeper potential and understanding. But when doing such visualization techniques, let us realize that this ultimately comes from the deepest part of our sub-conscious. This is not a minimization of people’s experience with spirit guides, but rather a suggestion to realize the empowerment of our core self and the revelation of our own deep wisdom.

Likewise, when it comes to healing. Many seek healers to get better. Once again, I believe there are healers who are truly effective beyond ways that science has yet to explain. But I also believe most of the time the healing is actually a result of the placebo effect. This does not negate the power of the placebo effect, rather it is a realization that our beliefs can miraculously heal even some of the most atrocious dis-ease. Just like how externalized projections of guides trick us into accessing our deeper wisdom, externalized projections of healing tricks us into accessing our own ability to self-heal.

The next question is … how do we access our deeper wisdom?

Visualization techniques are incredibly valuable here. Visualizing spirit guides in your mind’s eye is a helpful way to access your own deeper wisdom. Using a pendulum can be an effective way to force you into making decisions using your own deep knowing. Stream of consciousness writing is yet another powerful method. Entering altered states through meditation, physical exercise, dancing, fasting and hypnagogia all facilitate access to our deepest selves.

Sometimes visualizing talking with a counselor or an understanding friend can be extremely helpful. You will find that this counselor or friend (which is actually you) asks questions that your normal surface level consciousness doesn’t normally ask. It is the process of answering these questions where you will reveal what you were looking for.

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