Quantum Mechanics


The two most consequential things in the science of quantum mechanics begin to confirm what the oldest ancestors have always intuitively known.

#1 Quantum entanglement – when something has interacted with another and those two things are seemingly physically separated they are still quantumly connected. This was shown when when they split an atom and sending one part go in one direction and the other part in the opposite direction in a tunnel. When these two particles are kilometers apart, they changed the spin of one and the other simultaneously changed spin even though they were no longer connected. The physical implications is the proof that we can feel what other people are thinking and feeling at a distance … especially loved ones.
The “Intention Experiment” describes a study where they separated either a parent and child or two lovers in different rooms. They hooked up physiological sensors to measure heart rate, breath cadence and skin temperature. Then they showed a variety of images to one of them while the other sits in a blank room. Some of these images created an emotional reaction and it was found that the other person in isolation had a similar physical response as the person witnessing the stimulus. Evidence of interconnection and synchronicity. Perhaps Quantum Entanglement is the mechanism of action…

#2 The Double Slit Experiment – Researchers shot individual particles through two slits where each particle “chooses” either one door or the other. When this is done with photons in a laser beam we see two lines on a back screen beyond the double slit wall showing that each particle went through either one slit of the other. However when not observed the particles create an interference pattern on the back screen. An interference pattern indicates a wave traveling through both slits at the same time. Thus all potentials exist until someone observes it. As soon as a human witnesses or thinks something then a single reality results. Without observation, things exist as waves. With observation, things exist as solid particles. The implications of this means that the human consciousness has a direct effect on our reality. Giving gravity to the question: Does a tree fall in a forest if there is no-one there to see it?



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