Pondering Of Consciousness


A person I know recently lost a loved one which caused me to ponder the meaning of life and definition of consciousness. While I am certainly not qualified to describe any of it with authority, I want to provide a few humble thoughts.

If we look at quantum physics, we see within every atom are quarks and within every quark are vibrating strings of energy. At this level, everything is the same. Everything is one. Perhaps this explains the phenomenon of quantum entanglement where when we separate something the parts remain mysteriously connected; what happens to one affects the other instantaneously. We also see that two lovers or a parent and child separated by walls and distance remain connected. When they create a physiological reaction in one person by showing images, the other person reflects the physical reaction even when they are not seeing any images or their partner.

In essence, there is something that connects us all together; perhaps this is what some people call “God”. There is a realm that exists of which we cannot see, touch or measure.

I am reminded of a wonderful metaphor for life…..
We start from a river. Our life, as we know it, begins when we pass over a waterfall and see ourselves as separate little drops of water floating down until we reach the end of the waterfall and once again join the mighty river.

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