Vitamin C and Earthing. Are They Connected?


I recently read the book “Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins” by Thomas Levy and learned about the electron theory of health. Basically disease and inflammation is a result of a lack of electrons. Oxidation and inflammation consume electrons. Anti-oxidants give electrons. Most other animals produce their own vitamin C naturally, but humans do not so we are particularly susceptible to deficiency. While there are many different anti-oxidants out there, vitamin C is particularly good because it goes throughout the entire body whereas other anti-oxidants tend to focus on specific systems. We can only orally absorb 8-12 grams of vitamin C a day. However, intravenous vitamin C allows for substantially more uptake. Many scientific studies prove that intravenous vitamin C injections have healed people from the brink of death. It has been shown to cure polio, ebola, heavy metal poisoning, mushroom poisoning, snake bites, etc. It is truly a miracle substance at high doses (Sometimes 50 gram infusions). However it can be difficult to find clinics outside of big-cities to administer through this route. The good news is they now have “liposomal vitamin C” which is a nutraceutical that encapsulates vitamin C particles at a nano level with a phospholipid layer.. This modified version of vitamin C allows unprecedented oral uptake of vitamin C approaching intravenous levels and with no intake threshold. It is said that Liv-On brand liposomal vitamin C is the superior form whereas others are mostly a vitamin C emulsion with a small amount of true liposomal C.  It is very expensive though at over $1 a gram.

After learning about the panacea of vitamin C, I listened to a book about grounding called “Earthing. The Most Important Health Discover Ever?” by Clint Ober where he talked about how contact with Earth allows us to absorb free electrons. The 100 lightning strikes every second on the planet splits atmospheric atoms into positive and negative ions where the positive ozone goes upward and the negative electrons go downward thus creating a collection of free electrons on the surface of the Earth as if a battery. When I heard this, I made the mental connection that Earthing is similar to having a transfusion of vitamin C.

Unlike vitamin C, Earthing is free.

Before I learned about these two critical keys to health, I was getting sick every three months. Once I started using an earthing pad my frequency of getting a cold went down to one a year. Then I found that if I took 4 to 6 grams a day of liposomal vitamin C for three to four days at the earliest signs of a sore throat I have never gotten sick again. Health is wealth and learning the keys to wellness before dis-ease strikes is critical to living a good life.

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