State Of No Sense

Imagine not being able to see, hear, taste, smell, touch, talk or move. Do you not exist? Or do you exist?

What does the consciousness do in the state of no sense? What if it does not remember what sense is like?

Could you imagine how consciousness in the state of no-sense would pine to experience anything?

This is the state of which that in the unmanifested realm are. There is a “clamoring” to manifest into the above-ground would of sense. Any sense. A state of experience. Even our supposed pain, trials, challenges, despair, heartbreak are worthwhile. A wonderful thing from the perspective of no-sense. Of course the happiness, love, pleasure and “goodness” are wonderful too.

Keep this wonder of our sense-ual experience in awareness as you experience the ebb and flow of being manifested.

Wow I am experiencing XXXXX, this is wonderful!


Perhaps this is why meditation is powerful for our contentment. Meditation get’s us closer to a state of no-sense. The realm of the unmanifested. Reminding us at a deep level how great it is to be manifested and experiencing ALL that there is to experience. Our individual experience is all worthwhile. Every bit of it. Every moment. The ups and the downs. The whole and the partial. The supposed “good” and supposed “bad”. The love and the heartbreak. The connection and lose. The everything and nothing.


Think of how great it is to be “alive”. Our separate individualized sense-ual experience with great variance / topography / texture / contrast.

Think of how great it is to be “dead”. A peaceful no-sense unified state of everything and nothing.

Life reminds us of the greatness of death. Death reminds us of the greatness of life.

Manifestation reminds us of the greatness of unmanifestation. Unmanifestation reminds of the greatness of manifestation. And here I / you / we are existing in the equinox of the past and future. The horizon of the two states. As the two states make love at the edge of infinity, there we are. The gentle pendulum swings back and forth but has greatest affinity to center. distillation

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