Primordial Nature

Written at night during hypnagogic weariness upstairs at workshop while listening to primordial nature sounds.

Circles and spirals outward to infinity.


I am born

every moment

is life and death.

Fluid change.

Ebb and flow.

To be free.

All things and all experience

I am transparent.

I am smoke and fire.

The rain drop and the ocean.

The birds and trees.

I am vibrations and emotion.

I am clouds and ether.

I am music and poetry.

I am footsteps.


Heart beat


The wind whispers wisdom of now.

Beauty and magic.

I exist in flow.

I am here to create.

Clear channel.

Let me be free of all attachments

I accept all.

Birth every moment into sensual existence.

The stem cells of infinite possibility.


the language of dance.

I taste the medicine of orange in Spring.

I am the spring growth.

I am all seasons.

I let go

I let go

I let go.

And I drift away.

Primordial lava from center of Earth

Creates a new me.

And for that I am grateful.

Time. What is time?

Everything exists right now.


Let it flow.


Whole healing.

The body follows the mind.

The mind follows the body.

Every part is whole.

Black holes and super-novas

the creation of new realities.

The black crow flies in the sky surrounded by purple clouds of time and space.

Spirals of contrast

all colors and black and white.

I am receptive to everything.

Let there be gentleness and compassion.

Let me play with curiosity.

Don’t judge.


Love all.


Love without fear.

Without attachment.

Without future or past.

Polarity and where they meet. (Image of Triangle Circle and Square)

Straight lines and curves.

The string is pulled.

The bat flies from the cave and white swan joins him.

The magpie on barn roof.

All are signs of change and transmutation.

The veil is thin between this and that.

I melt into oblivion

into everything.

I drip down caressing the green leaves in sunshine.

How I am the bee who loves the flower.

Drumming and dance

I release.

I realize.

Covered in dust.

I float.

I lack density.

I drift

but with roots.

Here I sit at the white ocean of vastness at the dark space of cosmos.

The blank building blocks of reality unmanifested.

I am the craftsman.

I hold the power.

This power is accessed through wild freedom.

Through hypnagogia, dance, fasting, storms, Nature, living water, fire, dance, stream of consciousness, toning, vibrations, breath.

Open the door and walk into the light

to become the light.

This is a spell.

A program.

A key.



And let go.

Sleep in the darkness to renew.

Remember child self.

Snake slithers.

Drought and flood.

I am grateful.

All the things that made this moment.


Intelligence of chaos.

Silence – then you can listen.

Darkness – then you can see.

Attune sensitivity like a tuning fork.

Language of emotions.

Redwing blackbirds before the storm.

I Love Life!!!

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