Alice and Wonderland

The clock struck midnight under the full moon lunar eclipse when I tripped over a mushroom upon my path and tumbled down a hole, a tunnel, a vortex. A weird feeling as my senses change. Am I dying as my thoughts echo outside myself. Darkness then gray then white then rainbows. Cold then hot then just right. Silent then explosion then birds singing and a creek of sparkles trickling. The wind caresses me and blows my hair and clothing off till ker thunk crash and splash I tumble through the glass ceiling of mirrored silver breaking the reflection of what I knew to be myself. Suddenly I stand upright yet upside down such that my feet are on the bottom side of aboveground. Myth and story and meaning and nothing and chaos ebbing and flowing.

I follow the snail leaving a path of slime as the werewolves follow behind lapping it up. The trees reach out to me with their branches leaving me smelling as the forest. Then I pause at a mountain stream waterfall to encounter a catfish old with wisdom who told me … you already know the answer, you must trust yourself.

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