Future Pull

The future is as ancient as the past. Grandfather future is as cast as grandmother past.

The spirit of future gently pulls everyone and everything ever forward as its companion pushes from the back. We can resist this magnetic, gravitational movement through time as light and matter cannot resist a blackhole. And while the mystery of blackholes and uncertain future can be scary, I am curious and hopeful of all that is before me. What does the next corner reveal?

In my excitement for the experience I want to run, but must remind that it’s easier to trip in haste than it is when we saunter and dance through infinite present.

The space between past and future which is the onlny thing to actually exist yet as soon as you try to hold it or contain it or record it or measure it, it vanishes from what it was like trying to capture a snowflake with warm hands.

I think I’ll sit on this log while listening to red wing black birds and be.

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