Tales (Tails)

I don’t know

so I flip a coin

heads or tails.

The beginning of new stories,

paths and tales.

The tale we were told.

What we tell ourselves.

What we weave together.

The primordial tale of our deep and ancient history.

Tales of how we once had tails or what if had them.

I would think mind would be bushy and curly. Perhaps with bit of colorful paint, leaves and pine needles.

In my excitement I would invariably knock things over with my exuberant tail especially when I meet the people I love or sit down for a fine meal.

Dancing would be a whole other tale.

The tails of horses, dogs, cats, lizards, cows, lemurs, rabbits, birds, beaver.

All relaying their individual personality.

But with heads or tails perhaps we should look at the edge which is neither one or the other.

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