Twenty Minutes To Change Your Life

What other things that people could do in twenty minutes out of the day?

For people in romantic relationship, giving a massage or being intentionally intimate doing something like slow sex would work wonders. For those who admire beauty, do some kind of art for twenty minutes. Perhaps drawing, sculpting, painting, music, dance, sewing. For those with chaos, sit. For those with fog, write. For those who are ungrounded, be nature. For those who lack health, cook and exercise. For those with business, do broad visioning planning to see the picture. For athletes, visualize. For those who are too busy, delegate and prioritize. For those with anger, run. For those with sadness, comfort. For those with depression, lay in the grass under the sun. For those who have become callus, observe. For those who are tired, sleep. For those who lack inspiration, read a book.

The answers are always simple and obvious. It is important to remember that. The problem is stepping out of mindless habit that does not consider nor allow for the realization of the answer. Very often this is the habit of haste. The habit of multi-tasking. The habit of distractions.

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