Quantum Mechanics

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What are some of the cool things I think about regarding quantum mechanics? Two things come to mind…

#1 Quantum entanglement – when something has interacted with another and those two things are separated seemingly physically they are still quantumly connected. The quantum example of this is when they split an atom and made one part go in one direction and the other part go the opposite direction in a tunnel. When these two particles are kilometers apart, they changed the spin of one and the other simultaneously changed spin even though they were no longer connected. The physical implications is the proof that we can feel what other people are thinking and feeling at a distance…especially loved ones.

#2 The Double Slit Experiment – simply put…without human observation all potentials exist. But as soon as a human observes or thinks something than a single potential results. Without observation, things exist as waves. With observation, things exist as solid particles. The implications of this means that the human consciousness has a tangled effect on our reality.

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