Let me be.

Let me be free.

Let me be me.

I can only love deeply.

There is no other way for me but to Love physically, emotionally, spiritually, logically.


I Love the soul.

I Love a person forever.

And they become a part of my story.

But I do not create expectations.

My intention is to uplift, inspire, heal, explore, create, Love.

My intention is to be.


But no expectations.

I do not dwell in past.

I do not dwell in future.

I exist here and now.

I am a wild animal.

Who cannot be constrained.

For as much as I walk fast

and talk fast.

For as much as I’m a man of action.

I move slowly.

Developing growth rings like a strong tree.

I care about you for your essence.

But I cannot deny the present.

A polarity of steady roots growing deeper as the moon changes phase and Earth spins round.

Yet spontaneous green growth like spring flowers who live for today.

To take a step on grass ultimately kills other beings.

Do we not take any steps for fear of causing pain?

Existence is a gamble.

But it is always worthwhile.

The pleasant times are precious.

The challenging times are lessons.

I am grateful for all experience.

It is what I signed up for before I was born.

Let me walk gently.

Let me be silent.

I want to see the faintest candle in the distance.

I want to hear the softest bird high upon a tree.

I want to smell the medicine I’m surrounded by.

I want to touch in way that is felt without movement.

I live for the sensual existence of observation.

The magical reality of which I live.

I’ve waited so long underground to live aboveground.

Just like the dormant seed or the mycelium.

I have no motives.

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