The human power on Earth is symbols. Finding and creating meaning from otherwise ether.

Symbols of line and dots upon paper or drawn in sand.

Symbols as the V of birds migrating among the evolving clouds of lions, elephants and ancestors.

Symbols as reminders and resonance. The music which conjures a feeling or speaks what cannot otherwise be said.

Symbols and sigils. Gestalts that bypass our logic and enter the limbic realm of the reticular activating system of manifestation.

Symbols written in gold upon our consciousness through intention, ritual and experience.

Symbols of dreams and what they mean.

Sy7mbols of alignment to remind us we are on the right path.

The animal upon our path.

The flower in bloom.

The electrical touch of Love.

Mystery. The collective attachment to a triangle.

An eye. A tree. A scull.

Words and what they categorize.

Words are spells.

Symbols are spell.

Art and story manifest reality.

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