First there was nothing.

Then one thing.

Then fractions.

First there was blackest black.

Then lightest white.

Then refractions.

How blue is different from red

is different from yellow.

Their cousins of musical notes

in harmony inspire complementary colors.

As bees love flowers

with colors not seen by me

Humans love color.

From the methodical Rembrant

To brash Pollack.

My breath split by the reed a flute creates a tone.

As light refracted by the prisms of our eyes create cornicopia.

Every cell sheds lumens

and wonder what color.

A lumen from a distant star

arriving long after the original star has gone cold.

How our bioluminescence persists ever outward

after we’ve become salt.

Vibrations and rainbows.

Stoics and emotion.

Pick your channel.

Pick your color.

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