Hustling haste. Onward to the next. Gerbil wheel of a modern human civilized life. To think we made technology to make life easier and yet it was become more diluted and stressful as a result. Ding. Buzz. Ching. Chime. Beep.

A constant alarm taking attention. The most valuable currency is our attention.

So what’s stealing it?

Sometimes the external world distracts, other times it’s our own thoughts. But the quality of focus to our inner and outer worlds dictates the quality of life.

Meditation as silence.

As dance in forest.

As walk in desert.

As eye gazing.

As vocalizing singular tones.

As dipping into a gentle stream.

As with barefoot on dirt.

As observing the heartbeat

yours and others.

Observing the migratory birds.

Imagining the perspective of the moon looking down.

And a beetle looking up.

The winds of time.

Past and future.

Presented now.

And now.

And now…

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