“Originators” and “Repeaters”


There are two kinds of spiritual people in the world…

What I call “Repeaters” and “Originators”.

Both of these people have inspiration and influence from the teachers and wise-ones of past/future; but the Repeaters regurgitate information whereas the Originators digest wisdom.

Most “spiritual people” you meet are Repeaters. The definition is simple, they repeat wisdom they have heard without fully digesting it and making it their own. This can be seen most obviously when they post non-original social-media memes. This is often also seen with repeated, persistent and myopic focus on one master / teacher / guru / path / religion / philosophy / group. Another sign of repeaters is the use of buzz-words specific to their narrow focus in one group. These are words only people “in the know” are familiar with; they are essentially calling cards to other people of similar philosophy. Repeaters recite verbatim what they were taught. Repeaters trust everything their identified group says as truth, in other words are dogmatic … though they all would deny this claim.

The more rare and deep spiritual person is what I call Originators. These people also refer to teachers or philosophies but pursue the wisdom of diverse paths. Not one path such as Buddhism, Christianity, Paganism, Atheism, Islam, or Contemporary Ways … but respect all paths. The Originator knows there are many paths which lead to the same source of truth. Some paths are more direct whereas others meander more. Some more opaque and some more transparent.

While the Originators consume diverse spiritual teachings like some Repeaters, the Originators fully digest the wisdom. Originators are not taught, they are reminded of what they already know.

Originators ask themselves what their wisdom and intuition is before consulting another person, book or philosophy.

Repeaters are important because they amplify certain important teachings. But Originators are more potent because they deeply embody the truth. This creates a stronger amplitude in the waves of positive influence towards consciousness evolution. Their understanding and embodiment transcends verbiage and text.

A synonym for Originators is Leader; and for Repeaters is Follower. However the word “leader” suggests having people follow you. This is not necessarily the case, a true leader can be completely isolated and still be a leader.

As always, metaphor is the often the best way to point towards the deepest truths…

Originators pull from their own deep well of wisdom, not from others’ wells. Originators were reminded by themselves and from teachers how to dig their own well. Repeaters drink from the teacher’s well, but have not learned to dig their own.

If it weren’t for the originators, people would be mightily thirsty.

To put it more simply. Water is the wisdom. Originators are the well. Repeaters are the bucket.

In another analogy…

Originators have roots that grow deep. They can weather the storms of external influence; droughts, disease and wind. Repeaters have shallow roots, where they can easily be toppled.

I believe anyone and everyone can become an Originator. In order to do so, they must limit their external influence and look within for answers. To be alone in nature and enter a state of presence. To feel themselves and dissolve into nothing and everything. To live between pre-determinism and freewill in a state of flow. True understanding comes from personal experience of these universal realities.

What Does “Consciousness” Mean?


In reading “The Power of Now”, I am reminded that we are not our minds. We are not our thoughts despite often thinking we are our thoughts. We are not our ego. We are not “I”.

We are existence. We are sensory experiential tendrils of “source”. I often relate consciousness to mushrooms and the mycorrhizal system beneath the soil. This fungal matrix underground looks very much like the connections in our brain. It is a place of connectedness, peace and all-knowing. A place analogous to what people have experienced after death. Then when the conditions are right, little mushrooms sprout up. These mushrooms could be seen as separate entities but alas they where derived from and are integrally connected to their unified source… Of which they will rejoin again soon.

A Buddhist monk also said it it very eloquently. We are little rain drops in a waterfall who think of themselves as separate. But they were born from the same source and ultimately rejoin each other in the same whole river of life.

Or we could look at our physical bodies as waves upon the deeper ocean.

Really the only way to explain consciousness is through metaphor.

My interpretation of the phrase “Evolution of Consciousness” is this….
We stem from a place of all-knowing expansive interconnectedness and when we are born into this dimension we loose the awareness of this. I believe evolution of consciousness is remembrance of this essential state. When we remember that the foundational energy of our existence is compassion and that we are all inter-connected, I believe that the atrocities such as environmental destruction, lashing out at other beings and non-aware-states will begin to fade. Evolution of consciousness is simply remembering what we already know at a deep level. The truths of our existence.

* * *

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What Do I Feel About Multi-Dimensionalism?


Multi-Dimensionalism is fascinating and incomprehensible. One of those things of which words can only serve as sign posts to the true reality. I believe our consciousness can access and live in other dimensions than the one we usually operate in physically. I believe that the “spirit world” exists in these other dimensions. Sometimes the other dimensions reveal themselves when we drop our paradigms and programming of how our reality “should” be.

I think other dimensions are analogous to our different levels of consciousness. Where normal consciousness is the three dimensional physical reality. Subconscious is a dimension deeper. And unconscious is a dimension even deeper. I believe that dimensions are not black and white. I think there is a spectrum. Dimensions do not have hard edges.

Favorite Part Of Quantum Mechanics?


Quantum entanglement, the double slit experiment, dark energy, dark matter, string theory and nothingness.

In quantum entanglement, when you split a particle and shoot the two halves in opposite directions and affect one part — like change the spin or direction –the other distant part also instantly changes.

Implication: I believe this can explain how we can have synchronous experience with people we love and are connected to.

The double slit experiment is where you shoot particles one at a time through one of two slits. When observed, it acts as particle form and goes through either one slit or the other. When not-observed, it acts as a wave form of infinite potential and goes through both slits at the same time.

Implication: This shows how our observation and mind can have a tangible instantaneous effect on our physical reality.

Dark energy and dark matter are confounding things that we know exist but cannot directly interact with. This shows how limited science is and that there are many questions yet unanswered. We know something exists but we do not know what it is.

Implication: I think this is like subtle energy. Just because we cannot measure it with an instrument does not mean it doesn’t exist. It just means we do not have the right tools yet.

String theory is the concept of when you zoom into an atom you find quarks and when you zoom into quarks you get vibrating strings of energy.

Implication: This shows that everything is simply energy. This also suggests how vibration can be healing and have real effects on our reality.

Nothingness is the fact that when you magnify the sub-atomic world, actual particles are minuscule and separated by vast space of “nothingness”. Our solid reality and our own bodies are practically nothing but empty space.

Implication: This shows how our consciousness is more “real” than the physical dimension.

Vitamin C and Earthing. Are They Connected?


I recently read the book “Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins” by Thomas Levy and learned about the electron theory of health. Basically disease and inflammation is a result of a lack of electrons. Oxidation and inflammation consume electrons. Anti-oxidants give electrons. Most other animals produce their own vitamin C naturally, but humans do not so we are particularly susceptible to deficiency. While there are many different anti-oxidants out there, vitamin C is particularly good because it goes throughout the entire body whereas other anti-oxidants tend to focus on specific systems. We can only orally absorb 8-12 grams of vitamin C a day. However, intravenous vitamin C allows for substantially more uptake. Many scientific studies prove that intravenous vitamin C injections have healed people from the brink of death. It has been shown to cure polio, ebola, heavy metal poisoning, mushroom poisoning, snake bites, etc. It is truly a miracle substance at high doses (Sometimes 50 gram infusions). However it can be difficult to find clinics outside of big-cities to administer through this route. The good news is they now have “liposomal vitamin C” which is a nutraceutical that encapsulates vitamin C particles at a nano level with a phospholipid layer.. This modified version of vitamin C allows unprecedented oral uptake of vitamin C approaching intravenous levels and with no intake threshold. It is said that Liv-On brand liposomal vitamin C is the superior form whereas others are mostly a vitamin C emulsion with a small amount of true liposomal C.  It is very expensive though at over $1 a gram.

After learning about the panacea of vitamin C, I listened to a book about grounding called “Earthing. The Most Important Health Discover Ever?” by Clint Ober where he talked about how contact with Earth allows us to absorb free electrons. The 100 lightning strikes every second on the planet splits atmospheric atoms into positive and negative ions where the positive ozone goes upward and the negative electrons go downward thus creating a collection of free electrons on the surface of the Earth as if a battery. When I heard this, I made the mental connection that Earthing is similar to having a transfusion of vitamin C.

Unlike vitamin C, Earthing is free.

Before I learned about these two critical keys to health, I was getting sick every three months. Once I started using an earthing pad my frequency of getting a cold went down to one a year. Then I found that if I took 4 to 6 grams a day of liposomal vitamin C for three to four days at the earliest signs of a sore throat I have never gotten sick again. Health is wealth and learning the keys to wellness before dis-ease strikes is critical to living a good life.

Environmentalism From A Purely Intellectual Perspective?


In deep-ecology, eco-centrism and pantheism, there is an inherent element of spirituality. There is the belief that consciousness exists outside of ourselves. That there is value to natural integrity outside of our human utilization. That there is magic in seeing the night sky without light pollution, magic in the curve of the hills, magic in the wetness of water, magic in the song of birds, magic in old-growth forest, magic in fertile soil, magic as we stand barefoot on moss and lichen.

One can be an environmentalist from an agnostic, anthropocentric and/or myopic perspective. But this leads to concepts and approaches that are not holistically ideal. For example, in wanting to prevent climate change, humans have pursued the idea of more nuclear power plants. Even ultra-small nuclear power plants sprinkled throughout neighborhoods. This replaces one problem with another problem of radioactive gene-modifying carcinogenic waste that lasts for hundreds of thousands of years as well as targets for foul play. The same shortsighted concept of replacing one problem with another also lies in genetic modification or using poison to irradiate noxious pests.

The thing that us Deep-Ecologists point to cannot be explained from an purely intellectual level. There is an emotional and spiritual element as well as inner knowing.
When presented with the logical concepts of Deep Ecology such as leaving resources, bio-diversity and natural spaces for future generations; maintaining clean air, water, and soil for our health; and preventing animal extinction. These can all be understood at an intellectual logical level.

But only true understanding will come when you see the Earth as your mother, your lover, your child or yourself. Only true understanding comes when you shed tears for the wise trees being cut down. When your heart beats with loss when you see and hear the bull dozers ripping through the ancient lands home to generations of flora and fauna like a rapists knife through skin. When your blood boils at the paving over soft fertile soil, barking dogs replacing howling coyotes, streetlights replacing stars at night, dryer sheets replacing the smell of sage on a rainy day, whizzing cars replacing the wisdom of silent wind, curvaceous hills being torn into linear lines. Only when we cry for these atrocities will we understand what the Deep Ecologists desperately try to explain. Understanding only comes when we understand the rivers as our blood, the native grasses as our hair, the wind as our breath, the stones as our bones, the soil as our skin and the seasons as our heart beat.


There is a distinction between knowledge and understanding. Indeed, knowledge is not understanding. This is a concept I have been exploring a lot over the past month. From the perspective of knowledge,  humans think they are superior.
Let me expand this concept further… Humans think they know best, they think they can be gods over everything else which is why we are artificially modifying the genetic code that took millions of years to create thinking that we actually know what we are doing. Our pursuit of “knowledge” but lack of holistic understanding is liable to destroy our existence and everything else. Indeed, the relativistic large hadron collider which we are using to discover the “secrets” of the universe has the very very ultra small potential to create something called “strangelets”; a particle with the ability to turn every other particle it comes in contact with into a strangelet turning the world into a sci-fi nightmare of a homogenous blob. When humans where first testing nuclear weapons, they were not sure if the chain reaction wouldn’t just continue infinitely and destroy the entire world … but despite this horrific potential they pursued it anyways. Looking to the future, our pursuit to terraform Mars will require an exporting of our valuable finite Earthly materials to this barren planet. How about we just protect the sacredness of what we have?

In understanding. In being present. In being self-aware. In observing the inner and outer worlds, we would not have the compulsion to move in a linear fashion to pursue knowledge without ethical understanding. To pursue “development and growth” without holistic respect to cycles and homeostasis.

Humans like to think of themselves as gods that know best and are superior to all other things. It is this thinking that causes our problems. When we know ourselves as Gods just like everything else — the plants, animals, minerals, air — then we will find peace, contentment and joy.

Can Math Explain The Truth Of Existence?


1+4=5 and 2+3=5

Different variables leading to the same result is a beautiful concept. But even this mathematical and concrete concept fails to truly represent the truth of our existence.

Many left brain people think math is the ultimate truth. That math explains the universe. That zeros and ones are the ultimate truth. But my response to those people is what about the space between the zeros and ones?

In meditations, I have explored the language of math and was reminded that it is woefully inept in explaining the truth of existence.
Can our consciousness be explained by an equation or numbers? No! Our universe is governed by concepts of infinity. The past and future are infinitely expansive. The present now is infinitely small. Black holes are infinitely dense. The connection in quantum entanglement is infinitely fast. Math cannot handle infinity because math is governed my limitation and hard edges. If anything, fractal geometry is the closest thing that math has to explain the truth. But regardless, math is simply a signpost pointing towards the truth; but it is not the truth nor reality.

Furthermore, math is defined by certain definitions that we humans deem as true. For example, the speed of light was once a different number back in the 1930’s. And even now, they think the speed of light is no longer a definite answer.

Whenever you think you have the singular answer or are a master,
you have fooled yourself. Some questions are worthy of pursuit but will never be fully answered.

About Symbolism

The power of symbolism is a potent language and gives purpose to my being an artist. Symbols speak directly to the sub-conscious and are instantaneous. In manifestation work, sigils are preferable to word phrases because of this instantaneous and sub-conscious effect.

It also reminds me of gestalt psychology. Simply explained, when we see something like a tree, we know it instantaneously, we do not need to parse that it is green, with bark and branches and leaves, and is growing upright and THEN figure that it is a tree. We know it instantly. When we see another human being, we don’t need to think “there is the right width to height ratio tolerance, there is an oblong orb with eyes, nose, ears, lips, hair (or maybe no hair), there are some legs and arms … I think that is a human right there because of all this informational data”. NO!!! This shows the power of the subconscious ability to instantly know something without having to go through lengthy deduction and parsing of data.

Back to sigils…
Symbols debatably have no power until you program them with personal meaning. When you draw your own sigil, you put intention, emotion and thought behind it. Everytime you engage with it, you repeat these feelings and thoughts. Eventually when you look at or visualize your symbol, it manifests these feeling naturally.

Another example … the swastika symbol used to be a sacred symbol of Native Americans but is now the symbol of Nazis. This illustrates how our conditional programming can change the original meaning.

As a a side tangent, one can also say there is a collective unconscious element to symbolism. Where there is an innate understanding of symbols that transcend our individual lifetime’s programming. A baby seeking a nipple for nourishment is an example of this inherent knowing. Many animals have a natural knowing for what plants to eat without being trained. There is often an instinctual element to symbolism.

Thus our understanding of symbolism is a combination of consciousness, sub-consciousness, and the collective unconscious.

What symbols are you drawn to?

An Alternative To The Daily To-Do List

If you are like me, you live life through multiple to-do lists. Enough to-do lists to bind into a book. Events in my calendar, errands on pieces of paper, tasks on a whiteboard, to-dos on apps, ideas on napkins.

The problem with our to-do lists is they tend to be approached from daily increments. The perpetual question we ask ourselves is, “What can I do today?”

Let me answer that question…
Not much.

Have you ever felt you didn’t get enough done in a day? You had this massive list of things you wanted done and only accomplished a few in a day. This happens to me all the time because there is only so much you can do in 24 hours.

Here is a new approach, continue with your daily to-do’s while being realistic about what you can really get done in one day. Move the larger multi-day goals onto weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals. On a whiteboard or piece of paper, make headings for the aforementioned time blocks. For the things that always sit on our old to-do list, but never get done because they are bigger projects, move these to the week and month category; it is likely the reason we didn’t get these larger tasks done is because they take multiple days to finish, therefore we don’t get the reward of crossing something off our daily list at the end of the day. Make a progress bar below the longer term goals so that you can get the personal accomplishment feeling of getting ‘er done incrementally. Checking things off the list is a very satisfying thing and making a progress bar enables us to have that same contentment.

Now think about your longer term goals. Where do you want to be in five years? Where do you want to be by the end of this year? Where do you want to be in three months?

Goals in this time-frame likely never made it to your older daily to-do list because daily lists give us a shortsighted focus where we spin our wheels but don’t make much forward progress; we have our head down in daily work and ignore the big picture.

Whenever you plan your smaller increment lists like daily or weekly tasks, always refer to the long term vision for the year (and five year). Always working your way from the longest term goals to smaller and smaller increments. “Always begin with the end in mind.”

The difference between the old way and new way of doing lists can be illustrated in dealing with finances. The old myopic way is like buying stuff on credit card for the short-term benefit while ending up paying triple over the next eight years because of interest. The new broad-vision way is like investing money every month and having a great nest egg at the end of eight years.

Speaking of forward-thinking-future-focus, let’s also talk about the opposite…


With all this looking to the future, we often forget to reflect on our past and where we came from. After all … the past is over, we can’t change it, why think much about it?

For many years, this has been my approach; perhaps this is why my vision is the most farsighted my optometrist has ever seen. But I have come to realize the power of acknowledging the past. Indeed, the past propels us into the future. It provides the foundation to build from. The past can be like rocket fuel pushing us forward.

Here is my suggestion, at the end of every time interval — day, week, month, quarter, year — take some time to reflect about what you accomplished during the period. Write these things down in a separate nice notebook. We can refer to it whenever we feel down or like we aren’t where we should be. We can open our “accomplishment journal” and learn to give ourselves more credit for how far we have come. They can be small victories like socializing with a friend you haven’t seen for a long time or making a decision you have been postponing for months, to large accomplishments like finishing a large multi-stage project or hosting an event for hundreds of people.

Seeing what we have built and how far we have truly come will provide lift to our wings of forward momentum. It provides a certain contentment and satisfaction to give ourselves; it’s like looking at all the things we have erased from the whiteboard and crossed off the paper.

Key Take-Aways

  • Reflect on upon past accomplishments.
  • Keep the big picture in mind.
  • Work in larger time-increments.
  • Utilize progress bars for long term goals.

The Why and How: Of Being An Artist


Why Are You An Artist? What Drew You To Your Craft?

I am an artist for three reasons. Truth, Freedom and Expression.


Art is one of the truest forms of expressing the deepest truths of our existence. Whereas in normal prose, we understand through logic and superficial consciousness; in art we understand such abstract concepts like emotion, human archetypes, belonging, interconnectedness, curiosity, etc at a deeper level of knowing. Art serves to remind us what we already know but often forget.


In terms of freedom, being an artist allows me to do as I wish without normal constraints of others jobs. I am free to go for a hike anytime. I am free to dress the way I want. I am free to speak however feels right. In the art world, there is acceptance of the eccentric unlike any other field.


And finally, art allows me to express myself. It allows an outlet for my emotions. Art allows my river of consciousness to be uninhibited. I believe creativity is the highest form of human expression.

Now let’s talk about why I am specifically a sculptor. The three dimensional nature of sculpture creates a gravity that cannot be ignored. Sculptures create and modify the literal space we inhabit. I have a particular penchant for large-scale public sculpture because of the accessibility to all. I believe it improves the quality of life for all people who interact with it by providing speed bumps to our normal hustle and bustle in the linear world of concrete and boxes. To lift people’s eyes from their phones. To encourage curiosity. To suggest there is still mystery and magic in the world. Public art breaks up monotony and therefore creates a crack for the seed of organic thought and self-awareness to sprout roots.

My sculptures become landmarks in people’s experience and consciousness. The child growing up passing my sculpture on their way to school has been imprinted with it by the time they are an adult. The young friends who meet at my sculpture and go on to get married have their experience marked by it. The business person who walks by my sculpture during their lunch hour has it in their heart. In nature, we often have landmarks to go by such as hilltops, rivers and trees; but in cities we have public art which serve a comparable purpose. The sculpture enters the sub-conscious of people’s experience and I hope it inspires positivity, a fertile curiosity and a heightened awareness.

I choose steel as my medium for it’s fluid malleability and easy translation into large scale.

What Is The Mission Of My Craft?

My purpose in life is to make the world a better place. I believe art can speak the deeper universal truths. I intend for my sculptures to inspire curiosity in people and to derail people, even if momentarily, from their tracks of normalcy. To create space that provide an excuse for people to stop, breath, look around, listen and become aware of both the inner and outer worlds.

What Is The Most Satisfying Aspect Of Your Art?

My art is my progeny. They will outlive me to go on to tell stories. They will go on to reproduce their purpose of creating inspiration. The most satisfying part of my art is not intrinsic within the piece, rather is in the hearts and minds of people who experience my art. Knowing that my art elevates our living environment and has a positive effect on people’s lives is the most fulfilling part of my career. I make art for humanity.

What Is The Greatest Challenge Of Being An Artist In Your Genre?

The greatest challenge is being a steel sculptor is procuring the tools and space to work. My paintbrush and palette in sculpture is the welder, angle grinder, plasma cutter and other tools. I began my tool collection at 14 years old when I had a job as a dishwasher at a local wine and jazz club; I invested all my money into tools. Having the space to house the tools, materials and work-area can be a challenge. For many years, I have fabricated outside in all the elements: wind, snow, rain, freezing to 120 degree heat.

What Recommendations Do You Have For Aspiring Artists?


One must be devoted to one’s art to an obsessive degree. Spend hours immersed in art. Thinking about art. Creating art. Drawing ideas. Practicing. Strive for your own definition of perfection.


To be successful, you must coalesce chaos into form. I believe inspiration exists in an etheric un-defined state. Our consciousness can witness it, but is up to us to manifest reality from the nebulous cloud of inspiration. Think of a laser focusing light into a cohered beam enough to cut steel.


Not to be confused with devotion, by immersion I mean being enveloped in the art world. Go to art galleries, talk with other artists, visit art museums, study the artists you like, read books on art, write about why you do what you do. Likewise, you become like those you hang out with. Choose your friends and environment wisely.


Sleep is often underrated in our society that rewards self-denial to attain greater goals. Getting at least eight hours of quality sleep will reward your creative inspiration and productivity immensely. Sleep cleans the brain of toxins that would otherwise lower our intelligence and stamina. Sleep also puts the mind in an important dream state that make sense of existence at the sub-conscious and un-conscious level.


I have experienced burning the candle at both ends and ending up with adrenal fatigue. It took me a full year to recover. Since that time, I now spend more time maintaining the “machine”.


Be authentic in what you do. Be honest. Maintain integrity. And create from a space that fulfills your heart. Express yourself in an empowered way that makes you alive and abuzz with ecstasy. Do what makes you want to dance. Don’t let others dictate your path. Always ask yourself first, “What do I want?”


In the book “The Artist’s Way”, the author presents the concept of morning pages. That is where you write three pages of anything and everything that comes to your mind the first thing in the morning before you do anything. This clears the mind of nagging thoughts and worries that bounce around in our consciousness throughout the day and act like having too many applications up on your computer. It bogs us down. I often find that the process of simply writing out a problem or question in detail, reveals the answer. Writing is a form of meditation.

Limit Technology.

Speaking of computers, it is best to limit our use of technology. Studies have shown that the mere presence of a turned off smart phone reduces our intelligence including emotional intelligence. Technology provides distraction on what would normally be uninterrupted focus. Here are some recommendations to break the addiction to devices that sell your attention to companies. Turn off your phone at night. Avoid reaching for the phone to check in during the morning. Remove social media applications on your phone which push notifications and track your every move. Turn your screens into greyscale to be less attractive. Log out of accounts each time when you are done. Turn off the computer before you walk away. Tell people to call you instead of text.


We came from nature. We derive sustenance from nature. Nature has been shown to relieve stress and provide inspiration even in the darkest times. Walking in nature washes away the haggard dust of civilized life to remind us of our deepest truths. Nature is the epitome of art, freedom and creativity. In nature we are content. Nature charges our batteries of consciousness. Prioritize nature.